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What are We Doing for Dominic D?

Dominic’s family hopes he will always be remembered. 

Our friends have relentlessly continued to make sure Dominic will never be forgotten.

How Can You help Prevent Your Own TragedY?

Bumper Stickers and Magnets

With a prom deadline, the DePalmas collected enough support from family and friends to produce 2,000 bumper stickers and magnets, pinpointing the message, “Never Forget: Your DD will get you home.” Dominic’s handwriting is featured, as well as Dominic’s drawings of himself and his home, and a QR code that leads here. As we did for what would have been Dominic’s senior Prom, we hope to flood the cars of Broomfield High School students and

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Memorial Benches

The entire community came together to construct three memorial benches: Broomfield Commons Country Estates The Dominic DePalma Memorial Garden Benches are placed where kids will be reminded to make safe decisions before getting into cars. The DePalma front yard has transformed into a memorial garden, where all are welcome to be still and remember Dominic. Thank you for donations that have come separately from this page. The Montera, Bursey, and Holden families donated a combined

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Current Events:​

Dominic Depalma Memorial Soccer Scholarship

Dominic DePalma Memorial Soccer Scholarship now open for 2024

Dominic DePalma Memorial Scholarship Application Process Opens May 17, 2024 Student athletes with GRIT and those who need financial support to cover athletic or educational fees are encouraged to apply Dominic DePalma was a Broomfield High School Class of 2023 athlete who lived for his friends and loved his family. He was a true competitor who was instantly and naturally gifted at many sports, including basketball, baseball, and golf. But, his greatest love was soccer.

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Silent Auction for the Xbox Lover in Your Life

Silent Auction 3 Customized Xbox Controllers Domen8teR Do you have an avid gamer on your list?You just found the perfect gift. This Silent Auction is your chance to snag 1, 2, or even 3 Xbox controllers, uniquely custom-designed at Xbox Design Lab ($94 value). Each controller bears Dominic’s legendary screen name — Domen8teR — and spot lights a color scheme that tells the story of a special part of the life of our friend and

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Opening Soon: The Dominic DePalma Memorial Scholarship Application

As of July 28, 2023, we have survived a full year without Dominic. Dominic DePalma was a rising 2023 Broomfield High School senior who lived for his friends and loved his family. He was a true athlete who was instantly and naturally gifted at many sports, including basketball, baseball, and golf. But his one true love was soccer. Dominic played soccer for Broomfield Soccer Club, Westminster Soccer Club and Storm North (both are now Rapids

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Join Dominic’s friends & family as we … DEDICATE ONE OF DOMINIC’S MEMORIAL BENCHES Please join the celebration of the legacy Dominic DePalma left us during his short but meaningful life. As we survive one full year without this fierce, funny, and kind kid who had some serious intelligence and indomitable grit, we honor Dominic by dedicating one of his memorial benches, which will be enjoyed by the entire Broomfield community. We welcome all of

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Aug 5 – Walk Like MADD

Walk Like MADD If you haven’t experienced what MADD Colorado does for survivors and victims of drunk and impaired driving, consider yourself lucky. This organization has been supporting us for 365+ painful days. We are driven to pay it forward through them, and we would love you to join us. On Saturday, August 5th at 8:30 am, Gino, Eleana, and I hope you will “Walk Like MADD” with us at Sloan’s Lake in Denver. We

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The DePalmas plan to expand messages of responsible behaviors around alcohol to adults throughout the community. While they realize this cannot happen in a day, week, or month, in time they hope to guide the community toward making alcohol and other substances less available and less attractive to kids under 21. They aim to emphasize the importance of parents demonstrating safe behaviors, then backing up these actions by offering fun, safe activities for their kids to do. The goal is to create communities where parents don’t offer alcohol to other people’s children, or allow these dangerous behaviors in their presence, succumbing to “everyone is doing it” reasoning.

Another area the DePalmas hope to tackle is making it harder for kids to obtain alcohol illegally, making it more difficult for kids to get alcohol from grocery stores, liquor stores, and by obtaining and using fake IDs.

The DePalmas aren’t naive. They realize the gargantuan task at hand. But they believe all who have been impacted by impaired drivers will join their crusade.

“While viewing glaciers on a 2019 family cruise to Alaska, we entered a channel that had no exit,” Tami DePalma remembers. “The captain told us it takes quite some time to turn around a massive ship of its size in such tight waters, and encouraged us to be patient while we take in the beautiful sights around us.”

Tami DePalma realizes that changing the way an entire generation thinks about alcohol and other substances will take time. But she believes that the lives of our youth are worth the effort. Tami hopes that the high school years are much safer for Eleana, Dominic’s sister, and other Coloradans.

How does Dominic’s dad, Gino, ask that we honor Dominic’s life? “Tell your people that you love them every chance you get.”

Past Events

First Bank: Banking for Good

The first thing I did when our bank called was ask my friend, Melissa, if it was legit. “Yes, you won a $500 deposit, just for having a College Savings Account at FirstBank,” she explained. It was a lie. After we picked up our daughter from school and brought her to our branch, a manager escorted us to a room. It seemed odd. Wouldn’t this minor deposit be signed at a little desk in the

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On Wednesday, January 25th more than one hundred friends and family joined us to celebrate Dominic’s 18th birthday with a Hot Chocolate Tailgater at Country Estates Park, where Dominic’s friends created his memorial nearly 6 months ago. Thank you for helping us stay warm, enjoying s’mores by the fire pits.   Dominic was born at 2:48 p.m., when we honored him with a release of green, blue or white balloons. Thank you to all who left

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