Bumper Stickers and Magnets


With a prom deadline, the DePalmas collected enough support from family and friends to produce 2,000 bumper stickers and magnets, pinpointing the message, “Never Forget: Your DD will get you home.” Dominic’s handwriting is featured, as well as Dominic’s drawings of himself and his home, and a QR code that leads here.
As we did for what would have been Dominic's senior Prom, we hope to flood the cars of Broomfield High School students and families with memorial car decals. This is our way to influence teen during Homecoming season in the fall and Prom season in the spring.

These FREE stickers and magnets will help your teen drivers think before getting behind the wheel of a car, and for their passengers to question the driver's safety before getting in their car.

Thanks to Mike Hyten for graphic design.

Email us to get stickers or more information.