The Dominic DePalma Memorial Soccer Scholarship application process is open, but only through June 21, 2024
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Do It for Dominic D

On July 28, 2022, Michael “Dominic” DePalma, 17, was killed by a drunk driver. Thousands of his friends gathered to mourn over the loss of their faithful friend, trusted teammate, indomitable opponent, and spirited student. Dominic’s aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents mobilized to help his parents, Gino and Tami, and his sister, Eleana, plan and host the events that properly celebrated the life of such an amazing cousin, nephew, grandson, brother, and son.


Dominic’s community is unstoppable when it comes to honoring Dominic. They are honored that you have come here to attempt to make something good rise from this horrific loss.


How has Dominic D changed you?

Never Forget - Your DD will get you home

As we did for what would have been Dominic's senior Prom, we hope to flood the cars of Broomfield High School students and families with memorial car decals. This is our way to influence teen during Homecoming season in the fall and Prom season in the spring.

These FREE stickers and magnets will help your teen drivers think before getting behind the wheel of a car, and for their passengers to question the driver's safety before getting in their car.

Thanks to Mike Hyten for graphic design.

Email us to get stickers or more information.


We celebrate your 19th birthday while missing you terribly.
We love you to the moon and back a gazillion times.

Upcoming and past events:

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The Dominic DePalma Memorial Soccer Scholarship

Memorial Benches

The City of Broomfield approved two memorial benches for Dominic. One is located at Country Estates, and the second you can find at Broomfield Commons. So much appreciation goes to Melissa Whitmer, who is spearheaded this project.

The Country Estates memorial is now directly west of the parking space where the memorial was previously placed by Dominic’s friends.