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Celebrating the Life of Dominic DePalma – Never Forget

Last Call for Victim’s Impact Statements

Deadline – Wednesday, January 18, 2023, end of day State how you knew Dominic and how you have been impacted by his loss. If you didn’t know Dominic well, discuss how you have witnessed the challenges our family has faced. If your child/ren was/were friends with Dominic, explain how their lives have been impacted since losing their friend. (If they are able to write something in their own words, nothing would be more powerful. In

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Two Ways to Stop Teen Drinking

What Can You Do? Did you know that most grocery stores have a policy not to stop shoplifters? Or that Fireball has a “Malt Liquor” variety that is 33 proof, 16.5% alcohol, and comes in an easy-to-carry 10-pack sleeve?  Every time you enter a liquor store, please pick up a sleeve of Fireball from the beer cooler and bring it up to Customer Service. Tell the manager you know that many grocery stores don’t stop

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