Two Ways to Stop Teen Drinking


What Can You Do?

Did you know that most grocery stores have a policy not to stop shoplifters? Or that Fireball has a “Malt Liquor” variety that is 33 proof, 16.5% alcohol, and comes in an easy-to-carry 10-pack sleeve? 

Every time you enter a liquor store, please pick up a sleeve of Fireball from the beer cooler and bring it up to Customer Service. Tell the manager you know that many grocery stores don’t stop shoplifters and you recognize Fireball is easy to steal. Ask them if they will bring Fireball behind the Customer Service counter with cigarettes and other nicotine products so that kids can’t steal them. 

Also, if you allow other people’s teenagers to drink at your house, you are part of the problem. “They are doing it anyway, you might as well give them a safe place,” you might think as you take their keys for the evening. However, every act an adult commits that makes it easier for teens to consume alcohol creates an environment where alcohol is too important, too available, and too dangerous. 

Don’t be a cool parent. If you provide alcohol to teenagers, especially other people’s kids, you are part of the problem. You might keep them safe this weekend, but who will take their keys next weekend? Who will keep them safe when an adult is not around? The easier it is for kids to obtain alcohol, the more danger they are in.

Talk to your kids. Tell them Dominic’s story. Their developing frontal cortex is going to force them to nod, say “I know,” and get annoyed that you are STILL talking about this. But you would rather talk to them than go through what we have.